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Remote System Monitoring

Remote System Monitoring

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    Remote System Monitoring
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What is RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management)?

Remote Monitoring and Management (or RMM) and it refers to remote monitoring software or network management tools used by managed IT service providers (MSPs) to proactively and remotely manage their clients’ networks, computers, and endpoints. Sometimes you may hear it referred to as remote IT management.

Managed Service Providers use RMM to manage and monitor their clients’ IT systems without ever setting foot on their premises through locally installed agents. With the increase in the trend of remote working, the demand for MSPs to use more monitoring solutions is likely to increase.

Remote monitoring and control (M&C) systems are designed to control large or complex facilities such as factories, power plants, network operations centers, airports, and spacecraft, with some degree of automation. M&C systems may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures. The software may send telecommands to actuators, computer systems, or other devices.

Remote monitoring and control is now applied in numerous fields, including:

  • Smart grids
  • Positive train control
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Pipeline sensors
  • Patient monitoring
  • Desktop/server monitoring

  • Benefits of RMM

    There are many benefits RMM software offers, and businesses of all sizes can leverage them to run operations more seamlessly. These benefits include:

    Real-time monitoring: RMM software keeps an eye on your system round the clock, making it possible to monitor your network and alert you if any issue arises. Think of an RMM as a third powerful eye that never tires to monitor your systems.

    Helps fix problems on time: You may not have the luxury of time to monitor your system all the time and fix issues as they are detected. A good RMM software helps you fix them immediately after they are detected by sending specific alerts.

    Provide first-class insights: RMM software ensures you have any finer details you need about your system. That way, you and your MSP will be in a better position to make decisions regarding your system. RMM can be configured to send specific information about your system.

    Remote access: Site visits come with an additional cost. RMM can help keep additional costs low by ensuring your MSP only appears physically at your premise only when necessary. The remote access RMM offers is sufficient to monitor and manage your network or system.

    Improved services: Downtime due to system failure can be very costly to your business. Stop for a second and think about what could happen when your system fails during peak hours. RMM software comes in handy here by proactively helping detect potential issues and sending alerts on the same. That gives you a chance to have them fixed even before they strike and hurt your performance.

    Help extend the life of your devices: Having your car inspected frequently increases the number of years you can have it in good shape. It is the same thing with the IT systems you are using. When taken good care of, they can serve you for a longer period. RMM software ensures you solve system issues before they strike by alerting you of potential threats.

    Customer satisfaction and loyalty increased: Your systems must be functioning optimally to guarantee the best customer experience and keep them around for long. That can’t happen if now, and then you are fixing your system. You need your system to be up and running all the time to offer a better customer experience every day.

    Saves you valuable time: You will need more time to fix a problem once it arises than you would if you got notice of it before it happened. The proactive capabilities of RMM software ensure you spend the least amount of time correcting any IT-related issue.

    Automation: Routine tasks such as daily backups are very tiring. RMM software can be configured to perform such tasks without any human intervention.

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