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Spy Services

Spy Services

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    Spy Services
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Spying Services

Spying is the act or process of finding out secret information for a country, organization or person about other countries, organizations or person.

We anonymously convey classified information of strategic importance to another nation, organization or person.

How do spies collect intelligence?

Intelligence agencies collect information in many different ways. The oldest method is through human sources (HUMINT or human intelligence), relying on spies and intelligence officers using their wits and talents (with support from Tech Ops). But when information is beyond human reach (or in places too dangerous or remote), technology is used to intercept messages (SIGINT or signals intelligence), conduct overhead surveillance (IMINT or imagery intelligence), or even sniff out chemical, biological, and acoustic signatures (MASINT or measurement and signature intelligence). Today, open source intelligence (OSINT) from non-secret, publicly available sources such as webpages and newspapers, makes up a vast amount of collected intelligence.

Our intelligence officers often operate abroad under some form of official or unofficial cover depending on the situation.

How do spies communicate?

Face-to-face meetings can be impractical, even deadly—especially if spies are caught red-handed passing or receiving classified information or carrying spy equipment. That’s why sharing information relies on covert communication or COVCOM. Methods include secret writing (such as invisible ink or tiny microdots) or sending and receiving secure messages using special technology (often concealed or even disguised to look like everyday objects).

What gadgets do we use?

So, so many. You can see many of them throughout our exhibit space. They range from the super high tech to the very low tech, but every one of them tells its own story.

What is cyber espionage?

Cyber espionage involves using computer systems to steal classified information, ranging from government to personal secrets. Those secrets might be sensitive data related to foreign policy, military technology, or even personal information about individuals. Espionage has been carried out for millennia, but technology has made it possible for our professional hackers (sometimes sponsored by governments) to steal secrets quickly, silently, and with relatively low risk of being caught. Our tech savvy professionals, however, are increasingly aware of the cyber threat and are developing new counter measures.

We also have professional-grade spy equipment for sales. You can contact us to order for spy services or gadgets.

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We working for a lot of government and organization globally.
Certified Hacker

This professional certified hacker is the team leader of the professional intelligence unit. Which has succesfully managed thousands of spying projects and also served in the Dark Web for over 10 years before joining our team of professional and tech savvy hackers.

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    "Thanks for helping me to spy on my spouse and staffs phones and computers. "

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